Esperanza Fernández

Esperanza Fernández 1
1 September, 2001
Esperanza Fernández
Esperanza Fernández
Producer: Esperanza Fernández

Esperanza Fernández has let 20 years go by since she debuted until the recording of her first album. Now, at 35, mother of a child of two, ‘mature as a woman and as an artist’, has taken the step forward. The CD is titled Esperanza Fernández and faithfully reflects the musical opening of this gypsy with a sweet and refined voice and flamenco family on all four sides: piano and string arrangements and jazz airs blend with the most classical flamenco.
Madrid evangelist.
In her debut album, the trianera author sung has had the support of musicians such as Manuel Parrilla, Moraíto Chico, Dorantes, Guillermo McGill or her brother, José Fernández. McGill’s voice and string Nana is one of the most exciting songs + INFO

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