Recuerdos 1
1 June, 2007
Esperanza Fernández
Producer: José Antonio Rodríguez. Centro de Arte y Flamenco de Sevilla

‘Recuerdos’ is the second solo album by Esperanza Fernández, one of the most versatile and requested voices of today’s song. The trianera singer offers a selection of songs and songs that have marked her throughout her professional and vital career. Inspired by her grandmother Salud, version by bulerías the couplet ‘Manolo Reyes’, pays tribute to El Titi de Triana, El Chache de Lebrija, Pinini and La Niña de los Peines. Among other themes, it also includes the gypsy hymn ‘Gelem-Gelem’ with Dorantes on the piano. The album is produced and directed musically by the prestigious composer and guitarist from Cordoba, José Antonio Rodríguez.

Esperanza Fernández: sing
Paco Fernández: guitar
Miguel Ángel Cortés: guitar
José Antonio Rodríguez: guitar
Dorantes: piano

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